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Personal Information

SHOYEIDO INCENSE CO. (hereinafter "the Company") recognize how important it is to handle customers' personal information properly, when they shop with us by mail order or at our directly managed stores. Rest assured that we strictly comply with all relevant laws and manage your personal information carefully to protect your privacy. By using the Company's services, you are deemed to consent to this Privacy Policy.

Collection of Personal Information
To assist us in providing services to you, the Company may collect your personal information. Whenever we ask you to provide personal information, we clearly state the purpose and only collect personal information to the extent necessary and with your consent.

Handling of Personal Information
The Company will not use personal information we collect from you for any purpose other than the following.
(1)To provide our services, such as delivering products. (2)To send you information such as catalogs, direct mail (DM), email. (3)To respond to your requests and inquiries and contact you when necessary. (4)To respond to your requests and inquiries and contact you when necessary.

Providing Personal Information and Purchasing History to Third Parties
We will never disclose, lend, or transfer personal information that you provide us or information about your purchasing history to a third-party without written consent (except when disclosure is required by law).

Personal Information Inquiries, Corrections and Deletions
If you wish to make an inquiry about your personal information registered with us, or if you would like us to correct, add to, or delete some of your personal information, please contact the personal information helpdesk below, and we will respond as soon as reasonably possible.
If you would like us to stop sending you catalogs, DM, etc., just let us know and we will stop as soon as possible, but please give us time to process your request.

Making Changes to the Privacy Policy and Notifying You
The Company may make changes to this Privacy Policy whenever necessary. Please refer to our website to stay up-to-date with the latest version.

If you wish to make an inquiry about this Privacy Policy, please use this form.


The copyright and all other rights related to the SHOYEIDO INCENSE CO. website and all text, figures, designs, trademarks, logo marks, etc. appearing on the website belong to SHOYEIDO INCENSE CO. unless specifically stated to the contrary. Any unauthorized act of duplication, transmission, distribution, etc. of data from the SHOYEIDO INCENSE CO. website constitutes a violation of SHOYEIDO INCENSE CO.'s copyright. Please notify the Company to obtain authorization in advance. Note that even if the Company is contacted to request authorization, we may still refuse if we consider the requested usage to be for an inappropriate method or purpose.


If you wish to link to the SHOYEIDO INCENSE CO. website, please contact the Planning Department at the Company. We may decline to accept a link if we believe it may damage the reliability of the information disclosed by the Company or that it would be disadvantageous to the Company. Please be aware that, even in the event that we do approve a link, we may withdraw that approval subsequently if we decide that it is appropriate to do so in light of changed circumstances.

Social Media Policy

Social Media Account

SHOYEIDO INCENSE CO. utilizes the following social media.

Name: shoyeido_kunjyukan
Contents: Information on exhibits and events

Contents: Videos about incense and Kunjyukan


  • We will not be able to respond to each individual comment posted to our account. To ask questions about our exhibitions, facilities, and events, please contact us by using the inquiry form on our website.
  • If there are comments that are irrelevant to the content of our postings, we may reject, delete, or refuse to display all or part of the comment without notifying the individual concerned.
  • We may end or delete our accounts without prior notice.


  • While Kunjyukan has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information posted in our account, we are not responsible for how people use that information.
  • This facility is not responsible for the comments and other contents posted by users.
  • This facility is not responsible for any trouble or dispute that may arise between the users or a user and a third-party in relation to this account.


Please refrain from the following acts in relation to Kunjyukan's account.
  • Posting any personal information or similar information or doing anything of similar effect.
  • Doing anything that may damage the reputation or trustworthiness of SHOYEIDO INCENSE CO., Kunjyukan, or a third-party.
  • Performing any act that may violate all or part of the copyright, image rights, or intellectual property rights of SHOYEIDO INCENSE CO., Kunjyukan, or a third-party.
  • Doing anything illegal or that disturbs public order and morals, or posting any information, photographs, etc. related to any such act.
  • Impersonating another person when posting.
  • Posting any advertising or publicity.
  • Altering in whole or in part, any content distributed by SHOYEIDO INCENSE CO., or Kunjyukan.