KG+2020『This Very Moment』
The Experience of Seeing, Miksang Photographs 2013-2020

"Seeing" is the direct visual understanding of things as they are in their own ordinary nature. This is the approach taken by Miksang contemplative photography (miksang means "good eye" or "pure eye" in Tibetan), which I have been studying and practicing for the past several years.


In order to see in this way, we must relax our dependence on the conceptual, our past experiences and preconceptions, assumptions, and automatic categorization. Authentic seeing is spacious, delightful and nonaggressive; we cultivate stillness and turn our awareness outwards.Only then can we connect to the world with our heart. Without layers of meaning, interpretations, or story. The images are simply themselves. Nothing else is intended.

In these moments, reality is so fresh and so deep, so boundless, and perceptions are endless. You need not look to the stars to see the infinite--it is here at your feet in this very moment.
John Einarsen


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September 5th (Sat.) - 29th (Tue.) 2020

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John Einarsen

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September 5th,12th,19th,26th (14:00-17:00)