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For creating crafts, we have to play a role as a designer, a craftsman, and an artist. This exhibition has two periods. The first period mainly displays Kimono while the second period displays the textile products in everyday life. Enjoy the new way of expression through the techniques of dyeing, weaving, and embroidery.



Shogin Lobby, Ground floor of Kunjyukan  Map
* Admission is Free


First period: February 20th (Thu.) - 26th (Wed.) 2020

Second Half: February 27th (Thu.) - March 5th (Thu.) 2020

Opening hour


(10:00〜13:00 on Feb.26, and 10:00〜15:00 on Mar.5)


Special Program
Lecture by Mr. Noritaka Tatehana (Special Invitation Professor)
"Identity to succeed in the world"

Speaker: Noritaka Tatehana

Date & Time: February 29th (Sat.)
          13:00 〜 14:30 (Reception starts 12:30)

Place:KARANI HALL, 5th floor of Kunjyukan  Map

Capacity:80 people (Reservation priority)

* Japanese language only

* Admission is Free


  • W E B: Inquiry form
  • Please mention「3.舘鼻則孝氏 講演会 参加希望」in the message.

◆Work shop

Flower accessory (felting)

Feb.22 (Sat) 14:00 〜 16:00 ( Reception starts at 13:45)
Limit to 10 people

Sachet bag (embroidery)

Feb.23 (Sun) 14:00 〜 16:00
Welcome anytime during the session

Coaster (katazome with natural pigment)

Feb.24 (Mon) 14:00 〜 16:00
Welcome anytime during the session

SHOGIN LOBBY, 1th floor of Kunjyukan

No reservation necessary

Admission Fee : 500yen (with tax)