Special Exhibition of INCENSE DAY 2020
For your first time Japanese Incense -"Koh"

Have you ever used Japanese Incense?
Do you know various types of Japanese incense and the styles in order to appreciate them? Various types of incense and Incense accesaries are displayed in this exhibition. Learn and experience Japanese incense -"Koh" on this occasion.


April 18th is "INCENSE DAY"
Incense day was established in 1992 by Japan Incense Association.

Why is it in April?
"Nihon Shoki," the first Japanese history book, states that in April of AD595, a sizeable chunk of Agarwood drifted ashore at Awaji Island. This is the first record of Aromatic wood; Incense in Japan.

Why is it on 18th?
Kanji (Chinese character) "香" means Japanese Incense -"Koh".
When it is disassembled, it makes "一十八日" which means "Day of 18th".


Shogin Lobby, Ground floor of Kunjyukan  Map
* Admission is Free


First Period:April 4th (Sat.) - 29th (Wed.) 2020

Second Half:May 1st (Fri.) - 25th (Mon.) 2020
               *- Jun 1st (Mon.) 2020

※ Closed on April 30th due to exchange of exhitits.

Opening hour